Where do we start?

Coffee. Ha, but seriously, we'd recommend sitting down and going over your goals, budgets, and needs with a free consultation. Each project is specific to the client and the site, so we recommend starting there. It never hurts to ask...so ask away and let us know any questions you have!

Do we need to find a lot first?

Jordan Iverson Signature Homes can help you locate and obtain a lot that fits your lifestyle and home ownership goals. If you have a lot already, please let us know. We have many lots available as well access to MLS listings and many lots available through word of mouth in the community. 

How long does the process take?

Every project varies due to site, and size, etc. Our typical design + build project can take from 7-12 months, which includes the design, engineering, permit process and construction. We start the official construction calendar when we have a building permit in hand. There are many factors to determine to give you a specific date, which we go through in detail during the process. We use project management software, cloud services and apps which keeps each project moving as efficiently as possible. 

Do I need an architect?

No! That's the advantage with our process. We design + build out each project. Jordan is the lead designer and the team has a licensed architect on staff. We work with local structural engineers, surveyors and geotechnical (soil) engineers to create the final permit ready documents.  This means that each home is finished out exactly as we'd envisioned it for you. 

Will I need to find a contractor, too?

Nope. That's what we're here for. We build out every home that we've designed. By being involved in the design of the home and the contracting, it leaves much less room for error...which also means a more efficient schedule. 

I'm very budget-conscious. What is the price per foot?

This is nearly always the first question...and to answer that fairly, we'd have to throw out a price range too large to be of any help. We're not going to be the most expensive, but if you're shopping price only than there's plenty of production builders to choose from, and we'll gladly refer you to them. Once we sit down, and you've gone through our "new home worksheet", and we have an idea of the homesite, then we can start to give you an approximate range of price per foot. In the end, this allows for us to give you the best value for your money, as we're not trying to "cover" ourselves with wild guesses. 

How does financing work?

This is another question that usually takes a first meeting to answer. We've gotta know more about you, the scale of your project, the time of year, current workload, etc. The most common option is a construction loan through one of our banking partners. There are many more options though which we'd be happy to go over more thoroughly.

Where do you offer your services?

We offer design + build services throughout Lane County...and beyond. Seriously though, we consider projects outside of the area and have been asked to build everywhere from Australia, Napa, Dubai, Alaska and Wyoming and many more areas. Our interior design + remodel project in Studio City, CA was one of our favorites! It really just comes down to the scope of project and logistics. 

Do you remodel or take on renovations or additions?

Yes! We take on a few select remodels and or renovations each year. Send us an email today so we can learn more about your project and how we can help. 

do we need to hire an interior designer for the interior or furnishings?

No, that's the beauty of our brand. We design the floor plans, contract out the home and do all of the interior finish choices...right down to the smallest elements if you'd like. That's what keeps the whole look cohesive. We're here to take your ideas, vision or Pinterest board and turn it into a reality. We are connected with many furniture shops and vendors and love when we can help with your furniture or accessory choices. It makes for a stunning space and a completely unique style with every client we work with.