It began with a drive to design and build
innovative, elegant and efficient homes with
complete transparency and relentless
personal service.

Jordan Iverson has a passion for design. He learned much about construction and design from his father, who has been a respected Eugene, Oregon area home builder for almost 40 years. Many of Jordan’s new homes offer a fusion of modern and traditional design elements, materials and color palettes. They incorporate creative use of space, innovative lighting and interior details, unique materials, architectural accents, and the latest in technology.

While many elements of his homes are influenced by modern architecture, he knows that every homeowner is going to have their own style and that style will be incorporated into each specific project. Whether you prefer NW Contemporary, Craftsman, French Country, or elements from other styles, they will be seamlessly blended into the home that you desire.

Each Iverson Signature home is custom-designed to fit its specific location. This ensures that the home design is completely unique and has been personally crafted to provide you with the most efficient and comfortable living space possible for the piece of land you’ve chosen to build on.