Designing and building your ideal living space should be exciting! Allow us to guide you through the process and we will make sure it is simple and enjoyable. Open communication and transparency in everything we do insures that every home is thoughtfully designed to fit both your lifestyle and the specific home site.

Having an active voice in the design and construction process helps guarantee that you achieve your goals and gives you long-term satisfaction with your new home. We look forward to creating an innovative, elegant and efficient home with you!


Assessing How You Live + Budget

Design + build is great for people like you that actually want to have a voice in the design and construction of your home...but would love design guidance from a talented group of professionals! By being actively involved, you guarantee that what you want is going to be achieved. When you are able to create what you set out to accomplish initially, you will have more long-term satisfaction with the end product.

In this first stage, you'll have a FREE consultation to meet and express the vision or ideas you have. We'll ask you to provide inspiration photos from our portfolio, or Pinterest 

When you're ready, and after a homesite is selected, we'd discuss a design deposit. You'll complete a "New Home Worksheet" that will help us understand how you live and what spaces are important to you. We'll also discuss budget again and again so we can be sure that a new project makes financial sense for you.



As each home is designed site specific to take advantage of views, natural light and the landscape this is the next important step!


Design +
Site Planning

Now more detailed home designs will take shape. How the home and  other structures will sit on the site is determined at this time as well.


Permits + Construction

Architecturally approved and engineered floor plans are submitted  for building permit approval. Construction begins as soon as permits are received.


Interior Design + Colors

During construction, specific timelines will be given for choosing fixtures, colors and textures. All the little details that will make your house a home!


Move in!

That's it! The keys to your new space are handed over with a smile.


The Bottom Line

Iverson Signature Homes would love to talk to you about the opportunity to guide you through your next design-build project. We are here to help you with every stage of the process, from locating suitable land and navigating complex city development codes to interior design, marketing, and even sale of your property.

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